We are a UK registered youth development charity dedicated to helping young people to fulfil their potential  through learning to skateboard
We do this by providing accessible and affordable (or free) opportunities for children and young people to learn to skateboard, in a structured and supportive environment
We help young people develop a positive sense of identity, belonging and connectedness with each other, the community and society as a whole.
Our programme boosts a young person's confidence, self-esteem and the knowledge that they can make positive things happen in their life
Learning to skateboard teaches young people the need for dedication, perseverance and commitment to achieve a goal
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Skateboarding has taught me two things that symbolise a meaning of life. How to keep a balance and how to pick yourself up when you've fallen.

Nikki Rowe
The Skateboarding Foundation helps young people to develop their skills and abilities to enable them to fulfil their potential and participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.

Established 2015. 

Foundation CIO registered with the Charity Commission No. 1166397. Company No. CE006151.