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Where are we coaching
We are looking to launch and deliver the following in new towns and cities in 2023/24:


  • Week long morning programme during holidays

  • Weekend morning sessions

Please contact us if you are interested in us launching our programme in your town or city:




Bespoke/Customised/Private coaching 

We can also provide skateboard coaching for individuals or groups in other settings including school halls and playgrounds, sports centres, car parks and town halls whether as part of the curriculum or at a birthday party. 


We are DBS checked, First Aid trained and have Public Liability Insurance, alongside the necessary health and safety and safeguarding procedures. All participants are provided with a board, helmet , knee pads and wrist guards if they don't have their own. A coach or volunteer will always carry out safety checks on equipment, ramps and the park/site before each session as a part of the risk assessment undertaken.

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