Impact of Covid-19



We are currently experiencing lockdown across England. Consequently we will not be delivering our programme.


Please do contact us if you are interested in us launching in your community when restrictions allow.

We will ensure that the COVID-19 guidelines previously issued by Skateboard England are followed by the skateparks we use to ensure they remain COVID-secure.



Further to the Prime Minister’s statement in Parliament on 22nd September 2020, we understand that organised outdoor sport in England remains exempt from the new restrictions.

Furthermore, we also understand new restrictions on indoor activity in England only applies to team sports. Skateboarding and coaching of skateboarding taking place in indoor skateparks will still be allowed to continue for over 6 people so long as there is no interaction or mingling between individual groups of 6 and the skatepark is following previously published guidelines from Skateboard England so that they remain COVID secure.

All organised activities and coaching for children (Under18’s), including indoor and outdoor skateboarding, will continue to be exempt from the rule of 6, but social distancing guidelines must still be strictly adhered to.

Outdoor sports and activities including skateboarding taken part under government-approved guidance, including social distancing, can carry on as it did previously.

This means that skateboarding activity indoors and outdoors is exempt as long as it is done in a COVID Secure manner and in accordance with previously issued DCMS approved guidelines. Further detailed FAQ’s are available from Sport England at

We continue to monitor this situation very closely and will update if the situation changes.

We also want to remind the skateboarding community how vital it is to maintain social distancing and to practise proper hand hygiene.