Register your son/daughter

You may only register your son/daughter for the week long programme or the weekend drop in. Those registered for the week long programme are expected to attend all five mornings.  


About your son/daughter


Medical, access & diet

Photography and video

Group sessions may be captured on film or in photographs by SF volunteers or staff. It is important that you understand the ways that we will use these pictures. We have created two categories to help provide clarity. If we are coming to a session to take professional photos for a major promotional campaign (a third category), we will notify you and seek your consent before. Our full policy is available on request. 

  • Category 1 - Photos will be used on closed local Facebook groups and communications with other parents within your local group.

  • Category 2 - Photos may be used in open social media for the group and TSF as a whole (for internal TSF communications, local news items about the group and similar).

I consent to photographs and video of my child being taken:

If no consent is given, we will flag this with the coaches to strictly ensure that your child is not included in any images (including in group photos and those which are used as evidence when working towards programmes). All care will be taken to ensure he/she is not present in any film/photo/footage. 

Alternatively his/her face will be obscured.

Travel arrangements

Providing this information helps our coaches to ensure the safety of your child and that they are being released to the correct person (if applicable).

Please confirm how your child will travel to and from group (we recommend that children below the age of 11 years should be accompanied to and collected from group by an adult.)

My child will travel to and from the skatepark:

About you (parent/guardian)


Parent/guardian agreement

  1. I consent to the administration of medical treatment to my child if necessary whilst participation in TSF activities.

  2. I agree to TSF keeping information about my child as part of his/her participation in group activities. This information will be kept in strict confidentiality subject to the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR 2018. Information will include health, disability, and emergency details.

  3. I will notify TSF if my child will not be attending the SF sessions

  4. I will notify TSF if there is a change to drop off/collection arrangements

  5. I will notify TSF about any changes in health or wellbeing that may affect my child during SF activities

  6. I will support the mission, vision and values of GFS

  7. I will treat GFS volunteers and staff fairly and with respect

The week-long programme is now full and we are operating a waiting list

The Skateboarding Foundation helps young people to develop their skills and abilities to enable them to fulfil their potential and participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.

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