Sponsor us

Companies can deduct sponsorship payments from business profits before paying tax by treating them as business expenses - www.gov.uk/tax-limited-company-gives-to-charity/how-to-claim


Sponsorship payments qualify as business expenses because we:


  • Publicly support your products or services

  • Allow you to use our logo in your own printed material

  • Allow you to sell your goods or services at our event or premises

  • Link from our website to yours


If your company donates trading stock to us, you don’t have to include anything in your sales income for the value of the gift. This means you get tax relief on the cost of the stock you’ve given away.


Sponsorship Benefits

More and more people are recognising the relevance of positive youth development and more and more organisations want to publicly demonstrate their support.  We can offer your company a wide range of sponsorship opportunities tailored to your business objectives with tangible and measurable benefits including:



  • Associate your brand

  • Differentiate your brand

  • Change/strengthen your brand’s image

  • Increase brand loyalty

  • Enhance/improve company's credibility and corporate image

  • Raising your company profile by association with our work 

  • Enhanced digital profile


Marketing, Communication & Promotion

Communicate the value of your product, service or brand to customers or consumers for the purpose of promoting or selling that product, service, or brand.


  • Generate favourable/positive PR 

  • Improve media coverage (within the company (employees, shareholders), the sector you are in (suppliers, customers) and of course externally (to the public and media)

  • Create and/or raise/increase/enhance customer/public awareness and visibility of your company or product 

  • Achieve product endorsement

  • Educate the public about products and services

  • Enable the public to sample a new product or service

  • Engage new and shared audiences

  • Target a niche market


Corporate hospitality and networking

  • Entertain staff and current/potential clients (when sponsoring events)



  • Highlight community responsibility, or corporate social responsibility

  • Build new and deeper community networks

  • Meet corporate responsibilities 

  • Invest in society



  • Drive retail traffic or sales of your product or service



  • Recruit, retaining or motivating employees

  • Foster talent and teaching new skills to employees

  • Improve employee relations


Sponsorship Opportunities

Donate trading stock, such as boards, helmets, pads, clothing and ramps or cover the cost of:


  • Kitting out and teaching one or more children/young people

  • Holding a skateboarding event

  • Running a session or programme of sessions

  • Design, print and distribution of our Annual Review, marketing material etc


Sponsorship promotion

  • Publicly support your products or services

  • Allow you to use our logo in your own printed material

  • Allow you to sell your goods or services at our event or premises

  • Feature your support on our website and other social media

  • Link from our website to yours

  • Show your logo on our Annual Review, marketing material etc.


The Skateboarding Foundation helps young people to develop their skills and abilities to enable them to fulfil their potential and participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.

Established 2015. 

Foundation CIO registered with the Charity Commission No. 1166397. Company No. CE006151.