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My name is Mihaela. My friends and family call me Tobi, which better matches my personality. 

I am 21 years old and I have 2 brothers and one little sister.


I’m originally from Romania, now live in England and spend a lot of my time with my best friend and skateboarding.


I studied management at the local university in Romania and want to become a manager - I love interacting with people and motivating them to address their fears and limits.


I have been working as a Barista in British Airways environment and it has been very enjoyable interacting with different people and this is when I discovered my passion for airplanes.


I mostly enjoy hanging out with my best friend and finding a perfect spot for skateboarding, but I do like Japanese fighting and I spend days practicing.


I first got into skateboarding in 2019 and since then I can’t stop :) . I tried the first time rolling on my friend’s skateboard and since then I like to surpass my limits and become better day by day. 


I absolutely love skateboarding because of the hard work and especially persistence of getting better, same as in life. The most important thing that skateboarding teaches you is that no matter how many times you fall, you get up and try again. On the skateboard I feel like a fighter.


I got involved with the Skateboarding Foundation because I like to see the new generation going out of their comfort zone and trying something that looks easy, but is not.


Especially that there are not so many women skating, it would be nice to encourage girls as well. Being amazed how quick the little ones can pick up things and seeing their progress every day made me be very happy and grateful being a Skateboarding Foundation coach. It has been an amazing experience and opportunity to be part of a community, family and share smiles, laugh and have a good time with the little ones.

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